Our Life's work is the life of the Project
Our Life's work is the life of the Project

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We are not your standard Land and Title company.  Our knowledge base is centered on a more well rounded understanding of Land, Geology and Geophysics.  It is this full-featured knowledge base that sets us apart from other landfirms and makes us a better fit for your projects, especially when accuracy and project completion are a concern.



Oil & Gas mineral title research is a process that involves highly
motivated and dedicated people. Our team exemplifies these traits, and are
trained to work until the project is finished.

Mindful of costs, landmen work in teams; sharing information to minimize
duplicity and maximizing productivity. Team members work together in an
atmosphere that promotes the timely assessment of critical information and the
quick and accurate production of that information in a format that is easy to
interpret and easy to understand.

  • Abstracts/Runsheets
  • Drilling & Production Histories
  • Due Diligence
  • Interested Parties Lists
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Mineral Acquisitions
  • Mineral Receiverships
  • Pooling/Unitization Agreements & Declarations
  • Title Examination
  • Title Curative


A large part of our business has been assisting Oil & Gas attorneys in
the preparation of Drilling and Division Order Title Opinions by preparing
runsheets and abstracts. PBX has many knowledgeable landmen
that will produce accurate and thorough runsheets, bound with complete copies of
all the instruments used to assemble the reports. Our landmen have been fully
trained in courthouse research, including conveyances, civil proceedings, liens
and probates. Our team of Landmen and licensed attorneys experienced in
preparing Drilling and Division Order Title Opinions as well as runsheets, we
can "cure" title as we prepare a runsheet, and reducing the amount of curative
needed to get your project off on the ground.

Due Diligence many due diligence projects can be very difficult with the amount of work and

rushed deadline. Due Diligence can play a major role in the oil and gas
business. By understanding the particulars of certain situations when dealing
with acquisitions and divestitures are extremely important when making a
decision in the oil and gas business.

We have the expertise to validate working and net revenue interests, examine
operating agreements, farmouts/farmins, assignments, letter agreements, oil and
gas leases and other important information. We are able to determine relevant
information from these files and report them in a form that is straightforwardly

PBX has the expertise to ability to review files to determine the worth involved in the sale. We will provide detailed reports on our findings to help our clients with each major decision. Every task we perform begins from some level of a title examination. Accuracy is vital in examining
title and a single oversight can result in significant impact in time and money.
At PBX, we use a "checks and balance system" to make sure our title examination result in accuracy. We continually explore new methods to implement to ensure the accuracy of our title.


The Curative Department at PBX believes it is imperative
to have title work done correctly - especially when it comes to drill site
title. Our attorneys and landmen excel at identifying potential problems and
offering solid solutions. The Curative Department meticulously works hand in
hand with title attorneys to ensure that areas in question are addressed and
done so expeditiously and securely.

PBX has attorneys on staff, ensuring a broad base of legal knowledge. Approximately twenty years of combined experience provides a foundation to handle a wide range of title curative issues, as well as provide litigation support.


The Surface Team and Right-of-Way Department is skilled in all areas of
surface and site management. They attend seminars and attempt to stay current on
the many regulations and statues affecting surface issues.

With over 60 years of combined experience in surface negotiations, we can
assist our clients with:

  • Pipeline Route Selection
  • Preliminary Environmental Observation
  • Right-of-Way and Damage Negotiations
  • Preparation of Right-of-Way and Surface Easement Agreements
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Title Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Coordination with Government Entities
  • Supervising Construction and Survey Companies
  • Well Site Selection

We also are very good at coordinating with government entities to secure
appropriate permits for the expeditious and timely construction of the project.
Our surface landmen work carefully to contain all project related costs, from
negotiating with the surface owner - in favor of the client, all the way to
billing only the time that the landman spends working on the project.


Geological Information Systems (GIS) is a specialty of PBX.
This department implements the latest in technology, software, and
equipment. Capable of producing large format scans and prints, the GeoTerra team
has extensive knowledge of all the GPS units, utilizing Delorme Xmap GIS editor, ArcGIS and ArcView desktop systems.

GIS Leasing Maps and Leasehold Maps -

Maximum data usage is performed by combining information available from the
public domain and data acquired in the private sector. By doing this, a map can
be generated that accurately reflects the ownership interest, whether it is
existing mineral, lease acquisition, or fee simple. An easy to read map with all
the vital information is the objective - it streamlines the job, improves
communication, delineates boundaries, and quickly indentifies areas of

GIS Right of Way Maps -

The GIS technicians are acquainted with surface terminologies and have
considerable experience in preparing all types of Right of Way maps. Once a
preliminary route is established, they are able to custom make a product
suitable for any occasion, whether it is for strategic planning, inter-company
development, or for construction purposes. By using our Trimble GPS, it is easy
to project a new Right of Way or draw an existing one!


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